Tartare di Gambero Rosso del Tirreno e Gazpacho di Pomodori.

Tyrrhenian Red Shrimp Tartare and Tomato Gazpacho.

A dish that accompanies us towards the end of summer, light, fresh and very tasty. Gazpacho, a vegetable soup, and in this case also fruit, of Spanish origin and eaten during the summer. The prawns that accompany it and enhance it thanks to their intense flavour. The 100% Coratina oil goes perfectly with this recipe, because it is strong enough to be able to imprint but delicate enough not to overpower the other ingredients. A truly exciting and very easy dish, which everyone can replicate at home without difficulty!


  • 1 Barattiere Pugliese cucumber
  • 2 MonteRosa tomatoes (or beef heart)
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 2 Percoche peaches
  • 2 or 3 Red Prawns (depending on size)
  • 100% Coratina Linpha oil
  • Salt Pepper Water to taste


Cut all the vegetables and fruit into large cubes and blend everything together with a drop of water. Once everything has been blended, we pass the mixture through a fine mesh strainer. We proceed by cleaning the prawns by removing the shells, heads and intestines. Cut the prawns into 3/4 pieces and plate, placing the prawn first and the gazpacho with a spoon. We insert a few fresh basil leaves and drizzle with oil.

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